Choosing the road to a more sustainable future

Choosing the road to a more sustainable future.

Sam's Road Kids was established to bring your children timeless, beautifully designed basics. We also pride ourselves on taking sustainable steps to help better our community and world. In doing so, we have found some amazing brands along the way!

1. Manufacturing: When deciding to establish a clothing company, our #1 priority was ensuring that our clothing was made in Canada. When we found an amazing manufacturer here in Toronto, we were over the moon excited to work with them! Not only do we get to support our local economy, but we are able cut shipping costs and emissions as well.

2. Shipping: Choosing sustainable packaging was very important in maintaining the sustainable integrity of our brand. Packed and shipped in eco-friendly packaging by @thehappybagcompany . These bags are 100% biodegradable, 100% compostable and are made from plants (corn), PLA (made from corn + corn starch) and PBAT (a binding agent/resin added for stretch). We promise to never send you a product wrapped in unnecessary plastic or other things that’ll fill up your trash bin… let’s leave the mess to the toddlers!

3. Supporting Local Artists: Not only are our products cut and sewn in Toronto, they are designed and detailed here as well. All of our designs were created by the incredible Toronto-based illustrator @jvfryer . Our clothing labels, tags and all of our graphic tees are printed here in Toronto by the amazing @paranoid_print_co.

We pride ourselves in not only providing high quality products, but ensuring that our products are sustainably and ethically made. Thank you so much for supporting local.
📸 by the incredibly talented @elzaphotographie