Welcome to Sam’s Road! We’re so glad that you’re here.  

Our mission is to create a more sustainable way to buy baby and kids clothes online. Our line of baby basics, made of bamboo and cotton, are designed and sustainably made right here in Toronto. We strive to bring you and your little one high quality, eco-friendly, modern baby basics that will last. 

Our Summer Collection

Who is Sam's Road?

The name Sam’s Road was inspired by the hometown of our family: Samrod, India. Abu’s grandfather Ahmed was a tailor in Samrod for many years before immigrating to Canada in the 70s and continuing his trade here. We are so inspired by Ahmed’s love for his craft and dedication to his family, and are honoured to be following in his footsteps.

Our clothes are made with love, designed with you and your little one in mind. We hope you enjoy your Sam’s Road pieces as much we enjoyed designing them for you. 

Our Bamboo Basics

Basic Shorts in Chestnut


Our super soft basic bamboo fabric in a summer basic short! Cut from our signature bamboo rayon, the perfect staple for any little's wardrobe. Woven, designed, cut and sewn in Canada. 

Packed and shipped in eco-friendly packaging by The Happy Bag Co. These bags are 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable and are made from plants (corn), PLA (made from corn + corn starch) and PBAT (a binding agent/resin added for stretch). 

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